Extra class adept at manipulating enemies.
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The Zephyr is the advanced class counterpart to the Mage. It focuses on close-quarter, wind-based skills, although it also wields abilities aimed toward foe manipulation. Its lower HP makes using it quite a challenge, given the lack of long-range skills. The Zephyr can be unlocked by having quests 15, 43, and 52 completed or by paying 20 Happy Tickets.


A Zephyr of the Light Kingdom.


The Zephyr retains most of the abilities a Mage has. However, it may not use the Lightning Strike, Magic Napalm, and Blizzard skills unless given a Skill+ buff. Zephyr exclusive abilities are able to manipulate enemies. Weight cap is 35 at level 60.


B Button Skills


"Sends a cyclone forward to blast enemies."
— Skill Description

Summons a cyclone that slowly proceeds forward from the casting point the Zephyr is facing. Enemies hit are thrown away from the Cyclone.


"Creates a space to draw the enemy into. Hold down on the B button longer for a longer distance. Toggle LS to control the direction."
— Skill Description

After a delay, summons a wind that draws in enemies, similar to Antlion traps. This skill is aimed in a similar fashion to Lightning Strike. Players gain 2 XP over time per enemy caught in Capture. Enemy Captures being cast are indicated by a red circle with a lightning icon, similar to Lightning Strike.

Wind Swap

"Trade places with enemies. Unusable against foes inside castle walls. Use LS to select your target and initiate with B."
— Skill Description

Swaps places with a selected enemy after a short delay. Cannot be used on enemies in the castle. Can be interrupted if attacked and staggered or if the target is killed.

Y Button Skills

Cyclone Rush

"Scatter foes by initiating a cyclone around the participants."
— Skill Description

Requires 2-8 other players. Surrounds all participants with a Cyclone that throws enemies away upon contact. The more participants in the team skill, the longer the cyclones last. This skill is extremely useful when aiming to destroy the Big Tower.


  • As a Mage archtype, the Zephyr has the lowest HP of any class, so distance from the enemy is required to stay alive.
  • The Zephyr's skills allow manipulation of the enemy team and thus can be used to your team's advantage.
  • Wind Swap allows you to swap places with an enemy regardless of distance once cast. This may be used to help your team attack fleeing individuals. It may also be used in conjunction with a Wind Trap to guarantee damage. Be wary as to who you target as the skill will end if the target is killed along with wasting AP and putting the skill on cooldown.
  • As Cyclone's path tends to be straight, its usefulness becomes more apparent in enclosed paths such as the bridges on Sunset.
  • Be wary of Clerics with Dispel as it can cancel Capture before the wind itself is formed, Cyclone Rush, and a normal Cyclone.
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