War of Light vs. Dark

The first and only mission of First sortie of the Knights.


The Dark King suddenly appears, and...?


Warrior Helmet

Booter's Helmet
Booter's Helmet Lv:3 Weight: 2
Defense: 37
Magic Defense: 31

Replay Happy Stars

Normal 200
Hard 250
Very Hard 300


NOTE: Most, if not all of this section, is based off the Japanese transcript of the same level.

Opening Cutscene

  • Text: In a certain place, there were two countries.
  • Text: The Kingdom of Light, blessed by Ragon./The Kingdom of Dark, blessed by Beloth.
  • Text: Their relationship was really bad and would repeatively fight over the years.
  • Text: Their meal at a certain time...
  • Text:
  • Text: Favorite game, favorite movie, etc...
  • Text: Their reasons for fighting were rather silly... They were a little foolish.
  • Text: "It's no use talking! Bring it on!"
  • Text: And today, even if it's for a good reason, they are going to start another fight...

Change scene: ~Kingdom of Light~

Enter the same person who aids trainees in the tutorial. Light King already on set

  • Mentor: Your Highness!
  • Mentor: It's serious! The Dark king is coming to fight again!
  • Light King: What?! Those thugs...
  • ???: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Thunderstrike. Enter Dark King and butler. Mentor is knocked out.

  • Dark King: Yo, king of Light! Let's settle something at once!
  • Light King: At once...?
  • 'Light King': What is the strongest animal?
  • Light King:
  • Dark King: You idiot! A hippo is the most strongest!

Light King appears to be laughing

  • Light King:

Violently, the Dark King swings his staff to the light king.

  • Dark King: A hippo can trample that kind of dimwit!
  • Light King: A hippo is also a dimwit!
  • Dark King:
  • Both: This means war!!

They fight. Mentor recovers

  • Mentor: Oh! The princess!

Fighting stops. Enter princess

  • Dark King: (at the same time of the princess's entrance): !!?
  • Princess:
  • 'Light King': It's dangerous! You should return!

The Dark King violently shakes

  • Dark King:
  • Dark King:
  • Light King: Huh?

His shaking stops.

  • Dark King: Butler!
  • Dark King's Butler: Yes! We are preparing for battle!
  • Dark King: Prepare for a wedding at once!'

(nobody understands)

  • Butler: What?
  • Dark King: The war can go on later! I will marry that princess!
  • Everyone: What?!
  • Dark King: Oh, my sweet love! Let's go to my country!

Dark King snatches princess.

  • Dark King: Ha ha ha! See you later!

Dark King leaves (obviously with his precious)

  • Light King: No!!! Get out of my way!
  • Butler: Oh no!

Two grunt soldiers appear

  • Butler: These guys will be your foes!

Butler leaves

  • Soldiers: Gaaaaa!

Light King leaves in panic

  • Light King: Gwaaa! Knights! Knights!
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