There are so many items in Happy Wars.

Very recently I got a cat hat for my mage, I had no idea it existed, for it's surprisingly low stats I first got it when I was level 26. This made me think about all the different items in happy wars. I for some reason think they will be adding even more items in an update or for some sort of dlc.

I nearly always get a birthday candle hat for my mage at the end of my game, which kinda makes me a little confused considering that there are items that I have never witnessed and yet I get it when I have a better hat and that it had not so good stats.

Now I am wondering about maybe in future there will be dlc that contains new items ect.

What do you think?

I think that there will be dlc, also I am going to make a list of all the different items I get, even if they look the same but have a different name for example: Practice Staff and the Chocolate Staff. Or, Patchwork Hat and Marshal's Hat.

If you wish, leave a comment on my blog and tell me as many items as possible from different catagory's. I want to see how many items there are in Happy Wars, possibly nearly 200 different weapons for warrior... who knows.

Thanks for reading. :P :P :P