So I've been back from Japan for a year now. Pretty glad to be back to be honest; I'm not sure what I'd do if I had to stay there for year. Not being able to play my games because of the region lock destroyed a part of me, but being back repaired it. So right now, I'm currently back to working where I am. I won't say what since there's really no point, but I know that I'm going about it without any problems.

For gaming, I actually haven't been playing much on the Xbox lately due to connection issues. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I'd like to say that it probably might be the distance from the modem. It's a few rooms over and I've been noticing some delay on my phone's wifi when I use it in the living room (which is more or less my area). I don't remember it being like this before and I'm not sure what's causing this distance problem. It can't possibly be my laptop since I've tried playing with the laptop off. For now, I'm just gonna have to wait and see what happens. Other than that, I've pretty much taken up mobile gaming. Puzzle and Dragons being the main one, I'm also playing Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag and (to a much lesser extend) Fire Emblem: Heroes

Otherwise, there isn't really anything noteworthy for me to talk about, so I'll take my leave here.

Also, a big thanks to Siporter for uploading the equipment images. I don't really know him, but it appears he's been at this much longer than I have. I'm not really playing the Happy- games anymore, so I'm not sure what to do about my appearance on the wiki. Had I been more attached to the game like PaD, I'd contribute much more than I did. I'll admit that Happy Wars and Dungeons isn't popular enough to have much attention on the wiki. But this wiki is proof that this game isn't dead yet, and the developers are still updating the game. I look forward to this game's future.

With this, I'll take my leave.~

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