I'm still in Japan for about another month before I head back home. When I do, if there's a new (or fixed) TV, I'll definitely be able to help more again. The Steam version isn't reliable for me seeing that aside from being behind the console version in terms of content, this isn't a gaming laptop, so I run the risk of having the laptop auto-hibernate from near overheating. Until then, I'll probably just keep everything in order when I can.

That aside, I was looking around other wikias (mainly Touhou since it's one of my favorite game series), and when I looked at its (Touhou wikia) recent page changes, I was just amazed and disappointed with how much vandalism happened over the past few days. I'm not even sure why someone would even think of trolling like that. It was good to know that someone was keeping the pages in check by undoing the vandalisms. Judging by the responses of the users causing them, I'd say it was all from one person. To be honest, I feel like I should help out since I visit that wiki almost everyday (to keep up-to-date on the games and fanon). From what I'm seeing, the vandalisms are still happening and I don't really think one person has the time to keep doing that. I'll still be dropping by here every now and then to see if the game gets updated and stuff, but since updates seem to happen (on the Facebook page) every few days/weeks, I can't really promise anything. From what I've been seeing though, the wiki seems to be getting updated as soon as something new comes in, so I don't need to worry too much.

Until then, while I'm still in Japan, my schedule will be very tight, even during days I don't have class, potentially during the last month. Since I also want to keep up with my gaming, that makes time for this (the wikia) even shorter. Once I get back home, I'll definitely be able make some time when my interests allow me to. I'm expected to return around July 3rd, but I've heard that it may not be guaranteed. I'll see what happens during the month. I'll be working quite hard trying to get through this with little to no problems.

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