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  • 729MendicantTide

    So, the "origins" part of this may or may not be straightforward to some.

    Allow me to explain. They do not state the beginnings of the events leading to Happy Wars explicitly in the game. They only state of two starkly opposite countries fighting in perpetual war, with no evidence of the end. They also state that they fight for reasons beyond anyone.

    Here's my view on things. Three ancient houses prospered; one of the three grew in a lust of power (imperial power) and became the Dark-corps. The other two secured a very strong alliance and became the Lightish folk. Eventually, petty rivalries grew to minor battles, then to full-scale warfare.

    Veering from the video-game point of Happy Wars and putting some thought into it, what is your Origins th…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    With this small community, I must hopefully get to everyone.

    I requested to adopt this wiki on the Community Central. My intentions with this are to hopefully restore this to its former glory. We NEVER had an admin on this wiki for a while, and there are very little honest people on this wiki who wish to take duties and adopt the wiki. In fact, not too long ago  I had to revert two edits by copy-pasting from a reliable edit (on one, I added additional, relevant content). Now, I will not divulge names or anything, that's for my eyes only.

    Also, the reason I am suited for being an admin is because I am actively contributing to and monitoring the wiki (I am on at least once every day at peak).

    For those of you who do not know, Wiki Adoption is a…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    What do you all think about this? If there would be a Happy Wars competitive league, do you think this is an appropriate ruleset?

    Here is the structuring. You are only limited to beginner items for all your classes (and they have to be at level 10).* You will be playing best two of three, and loser picks next map. Team size varies on tourney.

    Now here are the terms I would be using for the stages.

    • Starter: These stages are the only stages that are used in the first round. Generally, they are balanced stages.
    • Counter-Pick: These stages are often those that certain strategies work better in, and so, cannot be picked to start.
    • Banned: These stages are banned from league play, period. Typically stages with an unfair balance, or with flawed excecution.


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  • 729MendicantTide

    This wiki has become disused.

    Most of the comments in this page were logged at early 2013. Two major news flashes, I was not playing Happy Wars, let alone heard of the wiki at the time, and also, (as of this post) it's 2014 now. It pretty much has gotten to the point to where I (and a select few, which probably do less than me) am the only active contributor.

    And worse, ALL the admins are not active, and yet some are still editing! What has happened to this? The wiki was big at the game's early stages, so what (pitiful, unless otherwise noted) excuse do you have to slack off? The game is still active! It isn't like Earthbound, another unpopular (save for a very active cult following) game, which has been released 20 years ago. Yeah, you can te…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    Has it (and other titles with a comparable design pallete) been quashed by the Western style of AAA video games (focusing on cinematic cutscenes, desaturated tones, and realism)? This game may be an oddity for the Xbox's game list, probably an explanation for this game's unpopularity. Too few people (the Happy Wars community a good portion) like this style.

    If I developed a game, it would pay homage to the Japanese games of yesteryear with saturated tones, fantastic elements, and simple style. Just drop the corny title.

    Besides the lag, unbalanced gameplay, and the fact of clans/etc. being such a threat, what do you think explains the unpopularity of Happy Wars?

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