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10/8/2016 - It's been a while since I'm looked around. Doesn't seem like much has changed since I last looked around. I have tried out Happy Dungeons and it feels slightly different. Might be the different way you attack and the combo furies. Whatever the case, I'm not really in any position to make a wikia section for it. I know it's voluntarily but I don't really have that knowledge to start up and expand one. Happy Dungeons is fun, but like Happy Wars, it doesn't have that large [enough] fanbase. If anyone is willing to properly start up a wikia for it, I'd be glad to help out.

I'm currently contributing to the Happy Wars wiki [whenever possible/I feel like it] to keep it up to date with the game. Also, please take the time to clarify your info to a page before editing.

In Happy Wars

In Co-op mode practically 100% of the time; I dislike the idea of PvP matches in games where equipment means a big difference. Because of this, I have not increased League Ranking. Mainly uses the Warrior class (not Berserker). Main Warrior character is well rounded stat-wise, but functions mostly as a tank with heavy usage of the Super Guard skill. High weighted gear at rank 51 limits accessory usage. All super/premium items are obtained through the Treasure Map and through Happy Cards (via Tickets given by Toylogic).

Other games/sites/etc.

The following listed here, use "TehNecr0" as a user name: Steam, Kongregate, YouTube, osu!, Xbox Live GT, NinjaKiwi.

The following listed below are games, but consists of the usage of multiple characters. Here, I will instead list the name in which you may most likely find me (more will be added if I play more).

MapleStory - necr0kn1ght (Khaini server)

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