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Gloomy map that allows attacks from all around!





Twilight is a map in Happy Wars. Twilight is a large, multilevel, figure eight-shaped map. This map features stone structures, deadly hot lava, and damaging poisonous swamps. It has five Towers set at somewhat regular intervals along the main path. Because of the large size of this map, communication is crucial, especially since the flank path can make for a very high threat of a heavy castle rush. Also, beware of falling in the lava or standing in the swamp for too long.


The Twilight map was released on October 12 2012, alongside the release of Happy Wars.


  • Flank Route: After capturing the closest tower to your castle, detour off to the right side and enter your team's Swamp, cross through (you can pass through the purple water but you'll slowly take damage as you do, try and stick to the platforms that rise and fall to avoid damage) and head through to the Lava area. Watch your step and keep your wits about you, a perceptive mage can still drop magic attacks from above! Pass through to the other side and enter the enemy's Swamp until you exit out the other side, just short of their first tower. At this point you can hug the left wall until you reach the enemy's castle in just a few seconds.
  • Center Tower Bridge: The bridges between the center tower and the towers before them have a considerable width which allows skills that knock enemies away(i.e. Rush, Lightning Strike) to almost always kill enemies; upon being knocked off, players will either fall into the lava or land on the platforms below, taking fall damage and possibly dying. Because it is possible to survive the fall, players can take the paths below the central tower to flank the enemy.
  • Castle Parameter Bomb Stacks: There are 3 stacks of bomb rocks around each castle which can be used while luring away enemy players.

Horse Spawns

Horse spawns are symmetrical for this map.

  • A horse will spawn nearby each castle. Facing the gate from the outside, head right.
  • One horse will be in the swamp area for both sides. Head into the swamp area from your castle and head on top on the right ledge.
  • After the first tower, head up the stairs. A horse will be on the left path.


  • This map is used for the Mage Tutorial.
  • Many inexperienced players do not know about the flanking routes.
  • When playing co-op, the AI will usually stay on the straight path to your castle. They seldom use this flank route.
  • The poisonous swamps in this map will slowly drain a player's HP until they die.
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