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Towers are respawn areas in Happy Wars and are placed at intervals around every Map. You use them to spawn yourself closer to the enemy's castle and to avoid having to spawn in your own castle every time. However, you must build them so that they belong to your team. In all game types excluding Special Challenge, if the timer runs out, the team that owns the most towers wins the game.

Big Tower

A Big Tower can be found in each of the two Castles on each map. Destroying the enemies' Big Tower will result in a win in any game type, with the exception of Special Match. Having your Big Tower destroyed will result in a loss in most game types. Destroying the enemy's Big Tower is your biggest objective in the game.

Strategies for Destroying a Big Tower

These strategies are often combined, and can be used at any point in a game.

Stealth Rush: Use a Ladder to enter the enemy castle quietly. All allies in the castle destroy the tower as quickly as possible.

Resurrect and Destroy: Clerics stay up on enemy castle walls using Heal, Sacred Armor, and Resurrect skills to support and revive allies who often have Construction Buffs that die as they continuously attack the enemy Big Tower.

Tower Capture: Warriors defend the stairs and platform in front of the Big Tower as allies behind them destroy the Big Tower. This method of winning often follows a Castle Gate breach. In co-op mode you don't have to capture the tower until at least the 1 minute left mark. Its best just to leave the castle door alone until then.

Other Random Tips

  • The Cleric's Sanctuary is great when unable to defend yourself, like when you are destroying a Big Tower.
  • The Warrior's Rush and Rocketman are great for getting onto an enemy platform amidst heavy defense.
  • The Mage's Snow Balls and Lightning Strike attacks are great at hampering a defense from a Castle's walls.
  • The Warrior's Charged Attack is great for taking out the enemy ballista along the castle wall.
  • The Cleric's "Wall" skill is the most powerful skill used to destroy the Big Tower, if the wall is built upon the stairs of the enemies' Big Tower
  • As a final solution, use Happy Miracle. It leaves your foes hapless and allows them to witness their immediate downfall. Your foes might have the same idea, so watch out!
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