This cute full equipment set goes with a Mouse theme! Dress up like a cute animal to be the idol of both friend and foe!

Can be purchased at the Item Shop for 20 Happy Tickets

Mage Items


Melted Cheese Staff Lv1 Weight: 6
Attack: 156
Magic Attack: 194
Construction Speed Up Lv3
[Empty Slot]
Rich Strawberry Cake Lv1 Weight: 8
Attack: 312
Magic Attack: 272
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]


Fuzzy Clothes Lv1 Weight: 7
Defense: 146
Magic Defense: 145
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]


Mouse Hat Lv1 Weight: 6
Defense: 65
Magic Defense: 86
Max AP Up Lv2
[Empty Slot]
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