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Crazy snowy map suitable for all players!





Snowman is a map in Happy Wars. Snowman is a medium sized map with castles on each side. The map contains a raft; but the raft is very rarely used. It has three Towers, each on a separate island. Scenery includes snow, gems, snowy plants, and snowmen.


The Snowman map was released on October 12 2012, alongside the release of Happy Wars.


Flank Route: After leaving your Castle, head to the side (left for the White Team and right for the Black Team) and cross the bridge. Ride the raft that appears at the docks to be taken to the enemy's docks near the enemy's Castle.

Horse Spawns

This map has symmetrical placement for horses.

  • Looking toward the front from the outside of both castles, go left, toward the ladder point. One horse should be placed nearby.
  • Once you get to the middle island, keep left (up to the coast). One horse should be placed close to the coast.


  • One of two maps known to have the raft system. The other being Rainbow.
  • It is possible to Rocketman across the river near each team's first Tower on this map,
  • Attempting to Rocketman onto the island on the raft system will result in your character going through the island and into the water.
  • This map was at one point Christmas themed and Halloween themed.
  • There are many Bomb Rocks and Ballistas for use throughout this board.
  • The map has its own theme, but it only plays just occasionally. Other times, it just uses Rainbow's theme.
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