The Happy Wars campaign is not like many campaigns as it is played in story segments, or chapters. You will need to achieve a rank online to proceed through the story mode. Every 5 ranks you unlock a story mode chapter. There are 6 story mode chapters and each contains 1-3 missions. Like in Multiplayer mode, the battles are fought between the Light and Dark forces. The Story Campaign mode was released on the Steam version on August 2, 2014[1]

Chapter 1 First sortie of the Knights

  1. War of Light vs Dark

Chapter 2 Debacle of the century!

  1. Revolt of the Robots
  2. Stop the Rampage!

Chapter 3 Chasing princess...

  1. Rage of the Snowman!
  2. Traps in the Desert!
  3. The Force of Numbers!

Chapter 4 Spirited Away in the Desert Village

  1. Aliens?!
  2. War of the Worlds!

Chapter 5 Happy of the Dead

  1. Zombies are...HERE?!
  2. Stop the Zombies!

Chapter 6 War! The Kingdom of Dark!

  1. Curse of the Dark
  2. Final Battle!
  3. Runaway Lover!


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