Runaway Lover!

The third and final mission of War! The Kingdom of Dark! and of the single player campaign. Completion of this mission unlocks the Xbox 360 achievement 'It worked!'.


Rescue the princess!



Princesses' Favorite Princesses' Favorite Lv: 1 Weight: 4
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]

Replay Happy Stars

Normal 200
Hard 300
Very Hard 400

Names in other languages

Language Name Literal meaning
Japanese 絶対阻止!愛の逃避行! Absolute prevention! Exodus of Love


  • In the options under HUD Display, there is an option to enable showing gamertags of allies, enemies etc. throughout the map. Turning this option on makes this mission considerably easier, since the real Princess doesn't have a question mark next to her name.
  • Hitting the real Princess at any point will fail the mission instantly, so be careful when dash attacking as Warrior or Berserker, or using Magic as Mage or Zephyr.
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