Classes: all 6 classes


This set contains a knight's helmet, a king's crown, and a queen's tiara! With all three in one team, you're bound to win every match!

Can be purchased at the Item Shop for 18 Happy Tickets


Warrior Helmet

Knight's Helmet Lv1 Weight: 8
Defense: 127-132 (0)
Magic Defense: 127-131 (0)
AP Recovery Up Lv 2
[Empty Slot]

Cleric Helmet

Crown of the King Lv1 Weight: 6
Defense: 87-89 (0)
Magic Defense: 87-88 (0)
Experience Up Lv 2
[Empty Slot]

Mage Helmet

Queen's Garland Lv1 Weight: 6
Defense: 74-77 (0)
Magic Defense: 74-76 (0)
Experience Up Lv 2
[Empty Slot]