This page is a description describing major differences of the Japanese version compared to the English localization.

This page does not include Japanese names of skills, AI team names, and the like. These can be found on their respective pages. Another point of note, is that this list is not all-inclusive.

Note that this game is originally from Japan, so some things may be pop culture references to each respective country. Also, use of the term "original" in this article refers to the Japanese release.

Because of the extreme use of Japanese text, please consider taking a look here if you want to know how to read it.


Menu Items

  • Item Level-Up is listed as "Item Strengthening" (Japanese: アイテム強化).
  • Skirmish Mode is, in the original, "Single Battle" (Japanese: シングルバトル).
  • Campaign is simply "Story."



So, to start out...

Reberu Appu!!

So far, does anyone see this corny?


Now you see what I mean?

  • Many gameplay objects are stated in all-caps Latin text (romaji).
    • Battle Start is rendered as "BATTLE START" and drops an exclamation point.
    • The level up float text over your character when you level up is in all caps, along with dropping an exclamation point. This carries on to when your items level up, as well.
    • The "Your Team Won!/Your Team Lost" message in the endgame is also in all caps, and in the case of Your Team Won, has no exclamation point (see image to right).
    • In the Steam release, the control functions are rendered into all-caps romaji.
  • Two additional header text for hero pop-ups exist: "Hell yeah!" and "Rulez!", the former removed most definitely due to expletive issues.
    • The others texts have no clear equivalent.

No, seriously. This is totally legit! Japanese text: Healed allies 30 times.

Non-Campaign Dialogue

See this list.

Character Names

  • All references to "Marshal" in the localization were replaced with "(Dark King's) Butler" in the original. Effectively, this makes the Marshal's Helm the "Butler's Hood."
    • However, when playing against the Dark Team, he is still named "MARSHAL" in all caps.
  • Each country's name uses the word for "kingdom" (王国) for both nations in the Japanese version, unlike the localization.
    • Effectively, this makes "Kingdom of Light" remain "Kingdom of light" (Japanese: の王国), but makes Empire of Dark "Kingdom of Dark" (Japanese: の王国).
    • In the story, both factions use "Country" (Japanese: ) instead.

Campaign Transcript Differences

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