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Rainbow is a huge Horseshoe-shaped map in Happy Wars. This map features beautiful scenery including lush grasslands, large gems, and a flowing river with rafts that curiously float both ways. Despite its happy looks, however, the map is littered with giant bones and skulls, of what someone can only presume would be of dragons. It has seven Towers set at somewhat regular intervals. Because of the large size of this map, communication is crucial, especially since the rafts make for a very high threat of a heavy castle rush. Rainbow has many choke points to defend. Also, beware of falling in the water as you will die.


The Rainbow map was released on October 12th, 2012 alongside the release of the game.

A "Happy New Years" event started on December 28, 2012, and ended soon after the new year.

A Valentine's Day event took place during the week of Valentine's Day in 2013.


Flank Route: After capturing your first tower, move towards the outer side of the map (the left if you're on the Light Team and the right if you're on the Dark Team) until you reach a bridge. Cross and enter the docks and eventually a raft will drift to you. Enter the raft and it will take you to the opposite side of the map at the enemy's docks, not far from the enemy's first tower.

Experienced Mage's Tip: A good maneuver as a mage on the flank route is to use the Lightning Arrows ability when your team is about to reach the center tower.

Flank Route Strategy: When constructing the 2nd tower nearest to your castle. By any chance if the enemy's there, and you see that little raft exporting from your dock. With the warrior, use the dash attack off the ledge onto the raft, with people thinking you just died. you could also use rocket man down, however, this is unsafe as most of the time the Rocketman misses and causes you to drown as it goes straight down if no walkable land is below you. Caution, these strategies to get on a moving boat requires skill.(extreme skill and some luck).


  • With seven towers in total, Rainbow has more towers than any other map so far.
  • It was once possible to Rocketman all the way across the river on this map. Now players can only get across with the help of the raft.
  • The raft system is featured on only two maps. The other being Snowman.
  • This map was themed for New Year's Day and Valentine's Day.
  • While on a raft, it is still possible to be hit by enemy attacks.
  • Be careful when travelling on rafts as the enemies can wait for you to arrive then knock you into the water.

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