A Halloween-themed map with many twists and turns.





Pumpkin is a small halloween-themed map in Happy Wars. The two castles lie on opposite ends of this map. There are five Towers on this map. The middle tower is encircled by swamp, and the others are found near each castle. The map features scarecrows, pumpkins, and haunted trees along with other spooky themes and motifs.


The Pumpkin map was released on October 20, 2012. Designed for the Halloween holiday. The map was elevated to permanent status.

The map was released in the Steam version in October 1, 2014, also in commemoration of the Halloween holiday.


Flank Route: After capturing the first tower, run up the stairs and down the ramp. Then run through the swamp along the right side. Try to avoid being in the swamp for too long as you'll slowly take damage as you do. Exit up a ramp to the right, and continue to hug that wall to pass the enemy's second tower and reach the enemy's Castle.

Swamps: Around the central tower, skills that knock enemies away (i.e. Smash, Lightning Strike, etc.) are useful; as the roads around it are narrow, they can often knock players into the swamps.

Other Notes

  • There are 3 stacks of bomb rocks behind both castles, useful for defenders and distractors.


  • As of May 10th, 2013 the map has been a permanent map.
  • This map also has a Spike Tail that can damage players hit by it. This was later reused in the Deep Sea map.
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