Player Launcher on Coral

Player Launchers are transportation objects found on the Bird God, Coral, Deep Sea, Ketchup Avenue, and Sunset maps. The Player Launchers on Bird God, Sunset, and Ketchup Avenue are recognized as floating round birds while the ones on Coral and Deep Sea are huge rotating flowers. Players can use the player launchers to travel great distances across the maps quickly with relatively little danger.


  • Taking a player launcher puts a player in a fixed path of being knocked away. Because of this, it is still possible to be hit by other players, most notably by those using the Bird Cannon on Sunset.
  • Player launchers function differently depending on the map they are found on. On Bird God, Sunset, and Ketchup Avenue, they are activated as soon as a player touches them. On Coral and Deep Sea, they are activated automatically at around 10 second intervals, at which time all players standing on it are launched.
  • The location where the player lands are recognized as either well-like objects with a web and leaves on it (Bird God, Ketchup Avenue, and Sunset) or pink/purple flowers closest to the middle tower (Coral and Deep Sea).
  • Players mounted on horses may still use player launchers.
  • It's possible to use a level 5 charged attack to hit players just before they land.


  • If a castle gate is closing and players are under it, the player launcher sound is heard while players are tossed slightly outside the castle.
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