In Online Multiplayer mode, multiple players battle against one another in all out wars across different maps. There are four types of multiplayer modes: Quick Match, Player Match, Cooperative Match, and Special Challenge.

Quick Matches

Quick Matches allow you to battle with human allies as well as human opponents.

Cooperative Matches

Cooperative Matches are for fighting against the AI bots in cooperation with other players. Be wary, however, as the AI is incredibly aware of everything that goes on within the game, making 'stealthing' or 'base rushing' over to the enemy castle that much harder.

Until not long ago, this mode was based on 3 rounds. Now, there is only one team chosen amongst the pool of AI teams.

Player Matches

Player Matches are used to play with friends & invited members only. This mode allows you to select the stage but your score will not be credited because it can be used to abuse the game.

Special Challenge

Occuring only on occasion, Special Challenge allows you to battle with human allies against stronger AI opponents or battle in a different PvP game type to earn Happy Stars or items including premium and super premium items.

Special Match

Also occuring only on occasion, Special Match is like a Special Challenge, only it is PvP instead of Co-Op. Players compete to win happy stars, premium items, and even super premium items.


  • In online matches, a player's actions are client side. This means that there is a delay before others see the exact actions done by a player. Because of this, players with high latency can still perform their actions, but are heavily delayed to other players.
    • An update causes players with high latency to move very slowly. This affects lagging players negatively as their movement is significantly lowered (about as slow as guard movement while electrified). Movement skills (Rush, Rocketman, etc.) are also affected.
  • At the end of a round, players may put request for friends by highlighting their name and pressing "X". This causes an icon to appear next to their name which is visible to all players at the scoreboard.
    • Three options are available for this: showing the icon to all users, showing the icon to users in the same language, or not show the icon at all.
  • On Xbox One, A message pops up "You have left the lobby as you have not sustained communication long enough" this is a rather confusing message but it means that the player has been disconnected from the match.
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