Experience to level

Level Experience to level
1 -
2 20 exp
3 50 exp
4 110 exp*
5 140 exp*
  • Needs review.

Gaining experience

All classes

Description Experience
Kill an enemy 36 exp
Proportional to the amount of damage caused to the enemy.[1]
Win the match: beat by tower 100 exp
All team members earn this exp
Win the match: breach the enemy's big tower 300 exp
All team members earn this exp
Destroy an enemy tower (alone or with help of friends) 10 exp
Build a tower (alone or with help of friends) 10 exp
Build a Ballista or Flower Cannon 20 exp
Build a ladder 30 exp
Build a Battering Ram 60 exp

[1] Damage that lead the enemy to death. You do not earn exp if the damage caused is healed (even by resting or by some healing spell).


Description Experience
Team skill: Cheer ???
Team skill: Team Rush ???
Team skill: Iron Phalanx ???


Description Experience
Use Sacred Armor spell on friend 10 exp
Heal friend with more than 50% of HP 5 exp
Heal friend with 20% - 50% of HP 10 exp
Heal friend with less than 20% of HP

15 exp

Revive friend 15 exp
Dispel ailment 4 exp
Team skill: Happy Miracle Each player: 10 XP
Team skill: Sacred Song Each player: 5 XP x number of participants
Team skill: Transport Each player: 10 XP


Description Experience
Use Fire/Wind/Ice/Lighting enchant spell on friend 5 exp
Team skill: Tornado ???
Team skill: Lightning Arrows ???
Team skill: Meteor Storm ???
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