Ketchup Avenue
The hall of heroes. A perpetually stormy map that leads to an epic clash!





Ketchup Avenue is a map in Happy Wars. Ketchup Avenue is a bilaterally symmetrical, medium-size map. Bearing three Towers, the map contains a Player Launcher close to each team's castle. Scenery includes elaborate stone pathways and carvings.


Flank Route: To the right (from your castle gate), there are player launchers. Take them, and you will be thrown close to the center tower, behind it and to the left, on a balcony with 2 Ballistas within shooting distance to the center tower. Fall down from the ledge, walk up to the left (onto another balcony) and walk forward. You will end up on the enemy's side of the Atrium, and can catch the enemy off guard while they advance to your tower.

Horse Spawns

This map has symmetrical placement for horses.

  • Two horses will spawn nearby each castle on their right side.
  • At the towers closest to the castle, two horses will spawn. Facing towards the other side of the map, the horses on the leftmost side of the area.


The map was released on the Happy Wars 1.1 Update, released July 2, 2013. Initially, the map used Deep Sea's map theme as a placeholder. This was changed to an original, heavy-metal style theme on TU8, released August 23, 2013.

This map is not available on the Steam release.


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