Items are equipped to your character and boost defense and attack bonuses as well as apply buffs. Items are obtained by item boxes opened at the end of each game, the Item Shop, the Happy Spinner and Happy Cards.


This is the item that the player character equips to his right hand and uses it to attack foes. Characters can only be equipped with the type of weapon that is related to their class. By equipping a weapon, it amplifies the attack ability and the magical attack ability of the character.


Shields can be equipped to the Warrior and Cleric classes. It is normally equipped to the left hand of the character, and the shield provides further protection. By equipping the shield, it amplifies the shield protection and shield magic protection ability for the character.


This is an item that is equipped to the body of the character. This is the only item that will have different looks for each gender. Each Class has a unique armor. Armor of a certain type of a Class cannot be equipped to a character with a different Class. By equipping the armor, it amplifies the “protection ability” and “magic protection ability” of the character.


This is an item that is worn on the character’s head. Each Class has a unique helmet. A helmet for a certain type of a Class cannot be equipped to a character with a different Class. By equipping a helmet, it amplifies the protection ability and the magical protection ability of the character.


Accessories don`t have class-specific items as they are all worn by all classes. Accessories give buffs to the player.


All Weapons, Shields, Armor and Helmets have a Level number 1 through 10, 10 being the highest. A Level 1 item has the potential to deal more damage or offer more protection by increasing it's level. This is done in Item Level-Up.


Warrior Items

Main article: Warrior Equipment

Warriors equip blunt weapons, steel armor, shields, helmets, and accessories.

Cleric Items

Main article: Cleric Equipment

Clerics equip wands, robes, shields, helmets, and accessories.

Mage Items

Main article: Mage Equipment

Mages equip wands, robes, helmets, and accessories.

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