Horses are mounts that were introduced with the TU14. Like other mountable weapons, the player can mount a horse using LT. Any class may mount a horse.

While on a horse, players will alternate attacking both sides. A horse's speed will gradually increase while maintaining a somewhat straight run, eventually triggering a Calvary Charge, which is similar to Rush, but having a tighter turn radius. This can be kept up as long as the player can keep the horse running without slowing down. However, a player's turning ability is reduced as the horse only turns while moving forward or turning roughly 180 degrees, the latter taking about half a second to do so. The player will also lose the ability to block and strafe. Getting hit will result in the player being knocked off the horse in a similar fashion to being knocked away (Smash, Bomb Rocks, Shield Bash, etc.). This also includes being hit by Ballistae/Gatling Guns as well as being affected by Roar and Berserk but does not include being hit by basic ranged lightning attacks from Mages (debuff can still be applied, however). If mounted, horses will not respawn until a set time has passed with no one mounting it.

Various updates add more mounts to the game. These mounts can be purchased for 30 Happy Tickets each and can be used by switching your mount at the Class & Equipment from within Dress-Up & Power-Up.

  • Military Horse
  • Giraffe
  • Thoroughbred
  • Holstein
  • Unicorn
  • Capybara


  • While riding a horse, a player is immune to fall damage but will still take damage from the poisonous swamps[1] in the Twilight and Pumpkin maps. If a player is killed via damage from poisonous swamps, they will be killed normally leaving the horse unharmed.
  • Currently, bots are not able to use horses.
  • Horses have 3 animations for movement, which changes as its speed increases.
  • The death animation for drowning in water/lava while mounted on a horse is different, which humorously shows the horse being more desperate to survive.
  • Horses are the first mobile mountables to be introduced.
  • As long as any sort of movement is involved while on a Horse (no matter how slow), that player's speed will keep increasing until it reaches max speed, regardless of how slow the Horse was initially moving. This means that a Horse's speed is either increasing, at max speed, or stopped; it can never be constant between max speed and stopped.
  • Horses are not affected by Antlion pits at all; they are not affected by its dragging effect and do not trigger the Antlions.
  • Horses do not spawn in Coral, Deep Sea, and Sunset.
  • Horses can kick by pressing X and turning, and only warriors can dash with the horse by pressing attack and forward like normal.


  1. Prior to updates made to the game, horses provided immunity to the poisonous swamps.
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