This set contains an assault-rifle-shaped rod and a cowboy hat to get that cool gunman look! Become a Wild West hero!

Can be purchased at the Item Shop for 20 Happy Tickets

Mage Items


Assault Rifle Wand Lv1 Weight: 7
Attack: 229
Magic Attack: 278
Magic Attack Up Lv2
[Empty Slot]
Camouflage Wand Lv1 Weight: 8
Attack: 268
Magic Attack: 333
Wind Enchant Effect
[Empty Slot]


Wild Bunch Costume Lv1 Weight: 5
Defense: 112
Magic Defense: 113
Mobility Speed Up Lv1
[Empty Slot]


Cowboy Hat Lv1 Weight: 5
Defense: 60
Magic Defense: 61
Max HP Up Lv2
[Empty Slot]
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