This set is green - green feather, green paint brush, and a staff with a green-eyed cat. Add an artistic green touch to the battlefield!

Can be purchased at the Item Shop for 18 Happy Tickets


Warrior Weapon

Phoenix Sword Lv1 Weight: 6
Attack: 228 (0)
Magic Attack: 0 (0)
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]

Cleric Weapon

Leonardo's Brush Lv1 Weight: 6
Attack: 165 (0)
Magic Attack: 0 (0)
Construction Speed Up Lv3
[Empty Slot]

Mage Weapon

Patchy Cat Lv1 Weight: 5
Attack: 156 (0)
Magic Attack: 194 (0)
Wind Enchant+
[Empty Slot]