Forest is a map in Happy Wars. It was released along with Bird God. Like Pumpkin, towers are scattered around the map. However, fights are more intense with more walking space. Unique to this map are barricades that pop up and recede at short intervals. These barricades are located near the castle, which opens/blocks the path to a Flower Cannon spot.


  • To the left of a team's castle, there is a bridge relatively close by. Ballistae can shoot the end of the bridge they're on, but cannot destroy the bridge by attacking the further end unless they are updated to Gatling Guns. The Ballista site on the further end can only destroy the bridge from the side it's on, however.
  • Because the barricade near the castles blocks movement, it can be used to delay players to the Flower Cannon spot. It is still possible to travel over the barricade by using Rocketman or being knocked away over it, however. It can also be accessed from the sides in the same ways.
  • The path between the first and second towers on each side is the only direct path from a tower. Because the path is also enclosed by trees and is a straight path, fights can potentially last longer than usual. Near the second tower of each side, a bridge is present to help with flanking.


  • There are plants in this map that repeatedly grow and recede. Although they can be stood on, they do not cause any interaction aside from pushing players away. The barricades near the castle function similarly.
  • The barricades near the castle will block movement for 5 seconds before retracting. There is then a 2 second period where the path isn't blocked.
  • This stage previously used the Zodiac theme. It now uses its own theme which appears to sound tribal.
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