HW flower cannon

The Flower Cannon is a more powerful mounted weapon than it's counterpart, the Ballista. The Flower Cannon can be found or created on many maps and can cause massive destruction to the enemy team. It shoots explosive orange balls capable of splash damage that are capable of more damage output than a Ballista. However, unlike the Ballista the Flower Cannon isn't completely accurate, the cannon balls have a degree of randomness, making firing on a single specific target challenging. This can be mitigated with the Cannon Accuracy Up Buffs. Other buffs that specifically increase Flower Cannon and ballista effectiveness include Cannon Shots Up and Cannon Durability Up. Other buffs that go well with a class for Flower Cannon utilization include Class Slayers, Anti-Materials, AP Damage Attack Up, and Smash Power Up. When mounted, Hold RT to fire shots and X to reload. While the Ballista is very fragile, the Flower Cannon can take many more hits so it is a better choice for areas where enemies are close by. It's also great against castle gates when equipped with cannon accuracy and anti-material up.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket launcher1

The Rocket Launcher is more powerful version of the Flower Cannon, introduced in the Engineer update. The Rocket Launcher can be found in locations where a Flower Cannon is able to be built, but requires an Engineer to upgrade the materials via Update. Like the Flower Cannon, the Rocket Launcher fires explosives capable of splash damage. Compared to the Flower Cannon, the Rocket Launcher deals more damage and fires roughly twice as fast, but has less ammo. Also unique to the Rocket Launcher is that it fires three different types of ammo (changable with the Y button): explosive, healing, and dispel. All ammo types will apply their appropriate effects, with explosive being the only ammo type to cause damage. The Rocket Launcher contains the lowest amount of ammo out of all buildable mountable weapons with 12 shots, but may contain more through the "Cannon Shots" upgrade. As with the Gatling Gun, the Rocket Launcher has increased durability. The Rocket Launcher also has a slower reload time compared to the Flower Cannon.


  • Aiming on the Y-axis is inverted for this mounted weapon.
  • In all maps, at least one Flower Cannon site is in firing range of the castle.
  • There are two Flower Cannon sites near the castle in Castle Defense, likely to accommodate for the lack of space. This can be used to defend against incoming waves, but may also be used against you.
  • You can change missile types on the Rocket Launcher while still firing.
  • The Rocket Launcher, unlike other mountable weapons, has two firing points, meaning that projectiles will be fired from two different parts of the Rocket Launcher.
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