Final Battle!

The second mission of War! The Kingdom of Dark!


Defeat the Dark King to rescue the Princess!


Warrior Weapon

Nouveau Riche Sword
Demon Noble Sword
Weight 6
Attack: 320
Magic Attack: 0
Attack Up Lv2
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]

Replay Happy Stars

Normal 500
Hard 1000
Very Hard 1500


  • A Warrior with Super Guard is a good way to complete this mission.
  • Recommended buffs are Super Guard+, AP recovery, Max HP, HP recovery for Helmets, KO Effect and KO crusher for Weapons is also helpful.
  • Group enemies up, run behind a wall then use super guard and guard attacking to take them down, just watch out for ambush attacks!

Another way to survive is just being smart when playing as other classes, AKA knowing when to pick fights, how to take out enemies, healing allies, etc.

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