1. How do I get Weapons/Armor/Shields/Helmets/Accessories?
    • Weapons/Armor/Helmets/Shields/Accessories are awarded randomly after a Quick Match, co-op or completing some campaign missions, playing the Spinner, or by buying them from the Item Shop or Happy Cards.
  2. How do I get more skills in the game?
    • Two skills are given to the player at the start of the game (A and B skills). You get more by leveling up in the game by getting kills, building/destroying towers, aiding teammates, assisting in a Y skill, and playing the objective.
  3. What is the max level in a match?
    • The max level in a match is 5. Random skills are awarded with each level, or you may get an Item Box.
  4. How do I open the Item Box?
    • The Item Box is opened at the end of each game and this is how most Items are obtained.
  5. How does levelling up Items work?
    • To level up an Item you pay 200 Stars to get it from level 1 to level 2. This increases the Attack if it is a Weapon or Defense if it is a Helmet or Armor. You cannot level up Accessories.
    • The price goes up with each level and maxes out at 8000 Stars per level up.
    • When levelling up an Item you must sacrifice another Item for their Material Points (that's why they give you garbage items). Level 1 Items offer 100 Material Points and Level 2 Items offer 120 and so on and so forth.
    • When levelling a higher level Item the Material Points needed goes up, but you are only allowed to use up to 6 Items. If you do not reach the needed Material Points needed you will need to level up other Items to sacrifice.
  6. How does Item Buffing work?
    • Item Buffing is adding Item Buffs to an Item if it has an open slot.
    • Orange Buffs (Perma-buffs) cannot be moved, transferred or removed.
    • Purple Buffs (de-buffs) make the Item worse but can be removed.
    • Weapons, Armor, and Helmets are class specific with Item Buffs.
      • i.e. If you want to add an Item Buff from a Warrior Weapon to a Cleric Weapon it won't work. It must be from the same class.
  7. What is the Maximum Level?
    • The Current Maximum Level in Happy Wars is 60.


  • Attacking an enemy from behind will deal double damage.
  • The Warrior's Stone Throw will always stun an enemy if it hits their back.
  • With the Warrior, pressing UP and X at the same time will perform a dash attack.
  • Warriors can attack while shielding.
  • Pressing the RT (right trigger) button twice does a shield bash, which can knock back a standing or shielding opponent.
  • Pressing RT and X at the same time when you have an enchanted weapon for a strong attack.(however you lose said enchant after.)

Abilities on Weapons and Armor

  • Attack Up raises the physical damage dealt.
  • Construction Speed Up increases how fast you construct towers, ballista's, cannons etc. but it also affects how fast you destroy towers and the enemy big tower.
  • Anti-Material Up increases how fast you destroy enemy emplacements(Enemy Castle Gates are affected by this, however, the big tower is brought down faster with construction speed up).
  • Stun Effect adds a chance of stunning an enemy upon impact.
  • Smash Power Up increases how far an enemy will fly when hit with the Shield from the Warrior or cleric. This also affects the Warriors smash skill.
  • [Skill] + adds that Skill to your inventory at the start of a match.
  • Magic Attack Up increases damage dealt with magic.
  • Tactical Power Up increases damage dealt with the Ballista and Cannon.
  • Conserve AP uses less AP each time a skill.

If you have any questions post them above and I will try to answer them.

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