Deep Sea
A bigger variation of Coral with evil fishies and awesome music.






Deep Sea is a map in Happy Wars. Deep Sea is a bigger, darker, slightly modified version of Coral. Scenery is almost exactly like Coral, with some items being new. One particular addition is the fossil fish also featured on Pumpkin. The map has three Towers.


  • Like the map Coral, using the pink flower near your castle will launch you to an area near the middle tower.
  • The area around both teams first towers is spacious; although the tower will be on the left-hand side of the map (right-hand side for opposite team), there is a considerably large area away from the tower. This can be used to flank opponents.
  • When fighting for the tower closest to a team's castle, there is a platform that is higher than the height of a built tower. This can be used to a teams advantage with the help of Mages and Clerics.
  • The Flower Cannon spot on a castle's left side is close enough to the castle to efficiently fire over its walls.
  • Near the central tower, there is a single pink flower. Warriors can use Rocketman to get up onto this flower to reduce the amount of danger to themselves, but at the same time will limit themselves to using either Stone Throw or Dual Tomahawks. Mages and Clerics can also get knocked away onto this flower, which will allow them to safely use their skills to support their teammates. The only potential threats to this spot are mages and the nearby Ballista site.


Deep Sea was released on May 31, 2013.


  • Players standing in the path of Spike Tails about to attack will be notified with a screen shake.
  • Horses do not spawn on this map.
  • This is the second map to feature Spike Tails, the first being Pumpkin.


  • When viewed through the map on the player list, the area surrounding the main part of the map is similar to Coral which can possibly suggest that Deep Sea takes place in a similar location to Coral.
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