Curse of the Dark

The first mission of War! The Kingdom of Dark!


Dark force suppressing respawns!?


Mage Helmet

Marshal's Hood
Marshal's Hood
Weight: 7
Defense: 97
Magic Defense: 77
Magic Napalm+
Max HP Up Lv2
Max AP Up Lv1

Replay Happy Stars

Normal 400
Hard 500
Very Hard 650


Since this chapter is arguably the hardest in the campaign, use some of these tips if you are stuck.

  • Utilizing a cleric with a Resurrect + buff on his weapon and a Sacred Armor + buff on his/her helm will make this level much easier.
  • A Sacred Song + buff on said cleric's armor to help level up and power up might help as well.
  • Attack the marshal whenever you get the chance. He's a lot stronger than his minions.

Names in other languages

Language Name Literal meaning
Japanese 恐ろしき闇の力... Power of horrid darkness...
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