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Wide open underwater map with non-stop action!





Coral is a map in Happy Wars. Coral is the smallest and fastest paced map in the game of Happy Wars. There is almost no pause in battle aside from respawn time. The two castles lie on hills on opposite sides of the map. In between the hills is one Tower, the only tower on this map. The scenery is made up of swimming fish, oysters, coral, and aquatic plants.


The Coral map was released on October 12 2012, alongside the release of Happy Wars.


Flank Route: Simply stick to one side of the map and hide yourself from enemies by staying behind flowers or use the big pink flower to bounce close to the enemy castle.

Map Control: The central tower is the focus on this map, allowing you an extra 10 seconds movement speed on the enemy, once one team takes control of the tower it becomes difficult for the other team due to a much more rapid attack pace by the controlling team.


Player Launcher: There are player launchers near each team's castles in the form of huge rotating flowers. Because these launchers activate about every 10 seconds, it is possible to trick players into taking the launcher. Defense in the central tower will be needed in advance to prevent enemies from taking the central tower.


  • Coral is the only map in the game so far with only one tower.
  • By standing just below the Bomb Rocks by the castle, you can stay protected from the ballistae and the bomb rocks themselves. You will be able to rack up many kills in this location.
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