A class is the primary fighting style of a player which determines the type of weapons and armor it can use, as well as what attacks and spells it will gain throughout its battles. Currently, there are six classes: three basic classes which are available at the start and three advanced classes which must be unlocked through completing certain Quests or bought with Happy Tickets (20 tickets each).

Basic Classes


Happy wars warrior

Warriors specialize in strong close-range attacks and have strong defense! Warriors utilize sharp weapons such as swords and saws, or blunt weapons like sticks, steel armor, and shields.


Clerics are very important to the team as they are able to aid and resurrect allies! Clerics utilize hammers and maces, can wear light armor and shields, and are able to supply materials to build large weaponry.



Mages are all about long-range spells and protecting all corners of the map! Mages utilize wands and robes.

Advanced Classes


Special variant of the warrior class that is more oriented toward offense than the basic Warrior. Carries a second weapon in place of a shield. Unlocked by having quests 33, 36, and 44 completed.


Special variant of the Cleric. Is more oriented toward construction. Unlocked by having quests 23, 53, and 54 completed.


Special variant of the Mage. Uses skills that manipulate opponents. Unlocked by having quests 15, 43, and 52 completed.

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