Bridges provide passage from one area of a Map to another. Bridges can easily be broken with relatively little damage. Anti-material Buffs provide an advantage when attacking bridges. Bridges are commmon choke points and can easily be used to slow down enemy advances.


  • Mages are at an advantage against other classes while a bridge is broken thanks to their range. Warriors and Berserkers with Stone Throw or Dual Tomahawks can attack using these skills, although with less range.
  • The path across a bridge is very narrow (the size of a player). Skills that can affect multiple players in a straight line have improved effectiveness on bridges. More so, these skills are often ones that knock away players.


  • If a player is standing on the bridge and it is broken, the death is counted as a suicide unless they were recently hit by an opposing player.
  • While a bridge is up, it is counted as walkable terrain. While broken, the walkable terrain is temporarily removed. This is most noticeable using Rocketman as using the skill on a broken bridge will result in the player plummeting to their death.
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