Bomb Rocks are a tactical weapon that can be found in stacks on every map. By walking up to a stack of Bomb Rocks and pressing [LT], players can push the stacks over and use them to smash and damage your enemies. They roll in the general direction opposite to where the player was standing when they were activated. They cannot be destroyed, but they can be blocked with a shield. Super Guard will block all the rocks that cross its path. After being used, the stacks will eventually respawn where they can be used again.


  • Using Bomb Rocks against an enemy player at point blank will inflict heavy damage, most likely killing the player. Because of this, it can be more effective to wait for an enemy player to close in before using the Bomb Rocks.
  • If you're a certain distance away when guarding bomb rocks, they may all hit your shield at the same time, causing the total damage to be lessened or almost fully negated.


  • In online matches, if multiple players (or bots) use the same bomb rock stack within a short time, it will be used by the player that the game server considers to be the first to use it.
  • Be careful when using a regular guard against bomb rocks as when a bomb rocks hit your shield, it will knock you out of guarding for a second, if another hits you after that, then you will be hit normally.
  • Bots tend to use any bomb rock stack in their path. This includes the bomb rocks on the castle if they are unable to leave through the gate.
  • They take approximately 30 seconds to reappear.


  • The cracks on the Bomb Rocks form a skull head.
  • The Bomb Rocks change along with seasons or holidays. For example, around Christmas, they changed to presents.
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