• 729MendicantTide

    Has it (and other titles with a comparable design pallete) been quashed by the Western style of AAA video games (focusing on cinematic cutscenes, desaturated tones, and realism)? This game may be an oddity for the Xbox's game list, probably an explanation for this game's unpopularity. Too few people (the Happy Wars community a good portion) like this style.

    If I developed a game, it would pay homage to the Japanese games of yesteryear with saturated tones, fantastic elements, and simple style. Just drop the corny title.

    Besides the lag, unbalanced gameplay, and the fact of clans/etc. being such a threat, what do you think explains the unpopularity of Happy Wars?

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  • Phantom Dash

    The amount of issues in this game are really annoying me, since whenever i'm doing good I get dropped, or whenever i'm in a party with another 7 people, about 3 or more people wouldn't make it into the game. It's really annoying and I hope they find a way to fix all the disconnects and drop outs that this game throws at you. Other than that, why do the bots on player match and quick match have the best equipment in the game? What about the bots on co-op? they are pretty much useless since they have equipment equivilent to someone who has never got an item in this game. One gamemode is really getting boring, there is another blog post that I will link here, he posted about some possible gamemode ideas and I think you should really check it …

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  • RandumDeamon

    Omaha beach quest.

    October 22, 2013 by RandumDeamon

    I need some help to compleat this quest. Its the only one i need to get for the engineer class. Anyone know some tricks to get it?

    Also, does using the machine gun turret work with this?

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  • The ole geezer

    Ok guys, so I'm sure that you are aware of the extreme style match "Tactical Weapons", where all tactical weapons get a damage boosts. The rewards are:

    The premium Shield of Daring with 2 buff slots and orange guard move speed up buff.

    Exotic Ladybug mage super premium weapon with 3 buff slots and lv10 933 magic attack. Not to mention an orange cleric slayer buff.

    Lion Heart Cleric premium weapon with 3 buff slots, lv10 803 attack with an orange warrior slayer buff.

    Underworld Sword Warrior super premium weapon with 3 buff slots, lv10 926 attack with an orange Dash attack up buff ( increaseed damage when doing a dash attack with the warrior.)

    Out of this special match I have earned: 1 underworld sword, 9 Exotic Ladybugs (5 from the blue chest), 6 Lion …

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  • Semi-AutomaticAwesome57

    Help needed

    October 12, 2013 by Semi-AutomaticAwesome57

    Since the people on this wiki know alot about Happy Wars, I need help on my new wiki. Check out my user page, look at favorite wikis, and select Super Gaming Stuff Wiki.

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  • Semi-AutomaticAwesome57


    October 10, 2013 by Semi-AutomaticAwesome57

    Anybody notice how ShadowLurker hasn't really edited since June? And he's the recently active admin. Does anybody think we need more ACTIVE admins on this wiki?

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  • The ole geezer


    October 8, 2013 by The ole geezer

    I like happy wars, and i was wondering if you guys wanted to play together sometime. If you do, either put your gamertag in the comments, or friend request me( gamertag: Jr Master Guru) I'm only online on weekends

    I'm NOT a noob at this game, my highest league level is Legend, and I'm almost rank 56. Dont believe me? I'll list my stats:

    • Either Wicked Horn with HP recovery lv3 or Honey Hungry Bear with Hp&AP limit up lv2, Sacred Armor+, and Hp recovery up lv2
    • Goner Patient with Anti Tactical Lv3 or Courage Cloack with Sacred Song+ and KO rate down lv2
    • I use either the jinns lamp (cleric & mage slayer and attack up lv2) or my lv11 Lion heart (attack up lv1 and and warrior slayer)
    • Sunshine Shield (i'm getting a better shield soon though)
    • Pink Turtl…

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  • The ole geezer

    Hello Again guys, I just wanted to post some new ideas for other game type in happy wars. This game is amazing, and I think that the devs should make more gametypes before this game gets old. Then again though, Happy wars isn't that old because it's first year anniversary is in 11 days:) But you guys get my point.

    1) okay so basically the concept is like team deathmatch in COD or Infinity Slayer in halo. Rules are simple: Take out opposing team players to earn points. Every kill is 1 point. Whoever gets to about 100 points wins. Now tell me that that doesn't sound like fun.

    1) Start a match, and instantly you will be paired up with another random player, on a very small map. You and the random player will fight to the death, and whoever has …

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  • The ole geezer

    Warrior or Berserker?

    September 30, 2013 by The ole geezer

    Hey guys, I just wanted to hear what you guys had to about the Beserker and Warrior, and which one is better.

    Personally, I used to like the beserker better for the following reasons:

    1) Double spinning blade

    2) Double Tomohawk

    3) Hold two weapons

    4) Overall, its very powerfulin attack

    My beserker has one lv11 zues spear with attack up lv1, 2, and 3, and another lv15 zeus spear with attack up lv3, 2, and rush+. He also has the Fighters helmet, dark hero cape, and persues armor lv11 with defense up lv 2....

    ....But now I'm like the warrior better because:

    1) It can attack while guarding

    2) Roar is better than beserk

    3) Super guard is a boss!

    4) The feel of the warrior is awesome

    My warrior has the Persues helmet, Pirate king sword with ambush attack up…

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  • RandumDeamon

    Event page.

    September 30, 2013 by RandumDeamon

    Should we make a page for items from past and current events?

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