• 729MendicantTide

    I recently got to play Happy Wars on my PC. For those who do not have it, until July 30, they are giving away free 100 Happy Tickets (which I got).

    The game was very slow, even on 800x600 resolution. Never did it manage to get to 100% speed. I did not try out multiplayer, because I heard out-of-spec computers get kicked off.

    Load time was avewraging around 3 minutes.

    For those of you wondering, here are my specs:

    • CPU: AMD Sempron 140 @ 2.7 GHz
    • GPU: (Integrated) nVidia 6150
    • RAM: 2GB
    • Power supply: ~150-200W
    • Storage: 500GB HDD
    • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    • Sound: Onboard with motherboard

    Yes, this was a pre-built system. Also, the parts are crap compared to your average gaming rig.

    So my plans are to build a new computer from scratch. This system wil…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    In the game data, they hint at a map called "Bird God.

    The map has not been officially announced. The only knowledge that we know of in regards to this map is that it might exist in the future. If you look in the Sunset quests, you will see that there is an addition: "Bird God."The obvious predictions are that it is going to be including the Bird Cannon at Sunset (this map=Sunset as Rainbow=Snowman as Twilight=Pumpkin as Deep Sea=Coral).

    One prediction that also comes to mind is that this is the surprise TL has planned for the 2nd Anniversary Update. What else do you think is going to come to place?

    Also, do you think "Bird God" is a working title for the map?

    EDIT: I also think, for the other map slot, the map would be a Ketchup Avenue retcon…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    So, the "origins" part of this may or may not be straightforward to some.

    Allow me to explain. They do not state the beginnings of the events leading to Happy Wars explicitly in the game. They only state of two starkly opposite countries fighting in perpetual war, with no evidence of the end. They also state that they fight for reasons beyond anyone.

    Here's my view on things. Three ancient houses prospered; one of the three grew in a lust of power (imperial power) and became the Dark-corps. The other two secured a very strong alliance and became the Lightish folk. Eventually, petty rivalries grew to minor battles, then to full-scale warfare.

    Veering from the video-game point of Happy Wars and putting some thought into it, what is your Origins th…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    With this small community, I must hopefully get to everyone.

    I requested to adopt this wiki on the Community Central. My intentions with this are to hopefully restore this to its former glory. We NEVER had an admin on this wiki for a while, and there are very little honest people on this wiki who wish to take duties and adopt the wiki. In fact, not too long ago  I had to revert two edits by copy-pasting from a reliable edit (on one, I added additional, relevant content). Now, I will not divulge names or anything, that's for my eyes only.

    Also, the reason I am suited for being an admin is because I am actively contributing to and monitoring the wiki (I am on at least once every day at peak).

    For those of you who do not know, Wiki Adoption is a…

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  • TehNecr0

    Still there.

    July 5, 2014 by TehNecr0

    Don't worry, I'm still here to make sure this wiki stays as good as possible. Much has happened since I last posted. For starters, I'm on summer break (or have been on summer break for quite some time now) and since there aren't any special plans that will take me away from this, I should more or less be coming to this more often now. Keep in mind that I still have work during the weekend.

    Anyway, I've seen exactly what's happened during my absence. I honestly do as much as possible, but since content doesn't get released often, it's simply like making an existing castle a little better. Still, I'll put stuff in whenever I can. Like I said before, I can guarantee that I'll be able to stay active to this. At the moment, it's best that you re…

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  • Phantom Dash

    New map - Bird God

    June 11, 2014 by Phantom Dash

    It's likely that this name is just a placeholder, but I imagine it's going to have the same gimmick as Sunset, with the Bird Cannon. I found the map name (and it's existance) by looking at how many maps are unreleased (used to be 1, now two are planned) and checking one of the Sunset quests (it now says Bird God or Sunset)

    What are your opinions on this?

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  • TehNecr0

    So obviously I'm becoming more of a ghost to this wiki now and I have my reasons. First of all, I can't really be playing Happy Wars all the time to get info for this. There's also a part in me that demands flexibility in my gaming and there's also more to that in keeping an equilibrium between games, anime, and music. Another reason is that I obviously still have classes during the week and work during the weekend. Mostly comes from the classes because I have my finals very soon and it's completely understandable that this causes a big break in my little triangle of hobbies. I mean sure I only have like 2 classes, but it's still finals and it's something that every college student should know that it can't be taken lightly.

    Now I'll admit,…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    What do you all think about this? If there would be a Happy Wars competitive league, do you think this is an appropriate ruleset?

    Here is the structuring. You are only limited to beginner items for all your classes (and they have to be at level 10).* You will be playing best two of three, and loser picks next map. Team size varies on tourney.

    Now here are the terms I would be using for the stages.

    • Starter: These stages are the only stages that are used in the first round. Generally, they are balanced stages.
    • Counter-Pick: These stages are often those that certain strategies work better in, and so, cannot be picked to start.
    • Banned: These stages are banned from league play, period. Typically stages with an unfair balance, or with flawed excecution.


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  • TehNecr0

    Happy Wars Steam Beta

    April 30, 2014 by TehNecr0

    So I got the beta key for Happy Wars on Steam. It's similar to the one on the Xbox 360, but runs rather different for the PC version. As it's currently in beta, I must deny any screenshots of the beta despite content being similar.

    The controls for it are rather a little weird. You have three choices on how to use your skills: Holding "Spacebar" (default) and clicking on the skill in the skills window, Holding "Shift" and pressing 1, 2, or 3 (Y, B, and A respectively for the Xbox), or by using the number pad which uses the layout similar to how it appears on the skill window.

    Now gameplay-wise, it might be just me, but the frame rate is only good around the beginning and end of the matches. During the match itself, it drops frames perhaps af…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    This wiki has become disused.

    Most of the comments in this page were logged at early 2013. Two major news flashes, I was not playing Happy Wars, let alone heard of the wiki at the time, and also, (as of this post) it's 2014 now. It pretty much has gotten to the point to where I (and a select few, which probably do less than me) am the only active contributor.

    And worse, ALL the admins are not active, and yet some are still editing! What has happened to this? The wiki was big at the game's early stages, so what (pitiful, unless otherwise noted) excuse do you have to slack off? The game is still active! It isn't like Earthbound, another unpopular (save for a very active cult following) game, which has been released 20 years ago. Yeah, you can te…

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