Bird God





Bird God is a map in Happy Wars. It was released along with Forest. Like Sunset, it features the Bird Cannon in the middle of the map, which can only be used by the team that controls the central tower.


  • Although the Bird Cannon can lock on to players for majority of the map, the more spacious area (compared to Sunset) and presence of up to four ballistae means that the player will be extremely vulnerable if care is not taken.
  • The Flower Cannon sites closest to the castle on each side are able to fire at each other. This can be helpful if one wants to destroy the other to help their team defend if one is being used by an enemy player.
  • The Ballista closest to the castle is able to shoot the castle gate by arcing its shots above the pillar that obstructs its vision of the castle gate. As a gatling gun, it loses this ability, but is now able to fire at the 4 closest ballista sites on the castle walls.

Horse Spawns

This map has symmetrical placement for Horses.

  • After leaving the castle, a horse spawn is on the Bird Cannon side of the hill in front of the gate.
  • Around the middle of the map, horses spawn just behind the ballista sites on either side of the Bird Cannon.


  • The Bird Cannon on this map has line of sight and lock on distance of the entire map. This is balanced out by the inability to aim above the castle gate. Because of this, it can only aim and lock on to players outside of the castle walls. It is still possible to damage players and structures on the castle walls by firing without locking on, however.
  • Like a few other maps, this map uses its own theme.
  • Each half of the map has 4 player launchers. The ones closest to the castle and the central tower will launch players near the first tower of the side the launcher was used. The ones in between will launch players near the central tower.
  • The player launcher closest to the central tower launches players in an arc directly over the middle tower. This makes this particular player launcher launch players the shortest distance in the entire game.
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