Chicken Cannon

The Bird Cannon (also called the "Chicken Cannon") is a very powerful but slow firing Mounted Weapon that can be found on the Sunset and Bird God Maps. It takes time to power up one shot at a time up, can power up to five shots, and fires all shots at once. You can lock on to 1-5 enemies at a time.

It is unbreakable, and can only be used by the team that is in control of the tower near it.


  • Tactical power up does NOT affect the damage of the bird cannon shots. Anti-tactical power up will not lessen the damage either.
  • Shooting people while they are in the air on Sunset is almost always a guarenteed kill. Falling damage down can save players who get shot in the air but land on the ground provided they don't die to the shots, making Falling Damage down an actual useful buff on this map.


  • In the Bird God map, the Bird Cannon has a line of sight of the entire map. For balancing purposes, it is unable aim and lock on to players on castle walls.

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