HW ballista

The Ballista is a powerful weapon that can be found on either team's Castle and around the map in Happy Wars. When mounted, press [RT] to fire and [X] to reload. The Ballista holds up to 48 arrows in one magazine without "Cannon Shots" upgrades. However, Ballistae are very fragile and without "Cannon Durability" can be destroyed by a single Mage's lightning strike, so a Cleric is advised to mount the weapon as it will need repairs frequently. Buffs that specifically increase Ballista and Flower Cannon effectiveness include "Cannon Accuracy Up," "Cannon Shots Up," and "Cannon Durability Up." Other buffs that go well with a class for Ballista or Flower Cannon utilization include "Slayers," "Anti-Materials," "AP Damage Attack Up," "Smash Power Up," and especially "Tactical Up."

Gatling Gun


The Gatling Gun is a buildable mounted weapon introduced in the Engineer update. It may be found in all places a Ballista may be built, but requires an Engineer to upgrade the materials via Update. The Gatling Gun fires weaker projectiles than the Ballista, but at an extremely high rate. Like all mounted weapons, its range is limited, with bullets disappearing after a set distance. A magazine typically contains 100 shots, but with "Cannon Shots Up" upgrades, magazines can contain a staggering 500 shots. Compared to the Ballista, the Gatling Gun has increased durability.


  • If you are on a Ballista when it is destroyed, you will be killed instantly.
  • In some cases, if the game is very laggy and the Ballista you are on is destroyed, you will survive and get off and the materials will automatically place themselves down ready for building.
  • The Ballistas on the very top of the castle cannot hit someone directly attacking the gate. Be warned and take the ones on the sides.
  • Each castle has 8 build spots for Ballistae, 6 pointed outside the castle and 2 pointed towards the ground level inside the castle.
  • Projectiles from Ballistae are able to arc over obstacles.
  • Shots fired from the Ballista last until they hit a player, structure, or surface whereas Gatling Gun shots only travel up to a certain distance before disappearing while at the same time, having a fast projectile.
  • Gatling gun shot impacts are noted by the impacted area being shot up.
  • Unlike the Ballista, Gatling Guns are unable to shoot over obstacles to hit targets as their shots are fired straight instead of in an arc.
  • Similarly to the Flower Cannon and Rocket Launcher, the Gatling Gun has a delay when firing in which it needs to spin up before firing. It also needs to spin down before it can fire again or reload.
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