Antlions can be found on the Desert and Zodiac maps. They guard swirling quicksand traps and eat players who get stuck in the swirling sand for too long. You can push the enemy into the sand so that they will get caught up in the sand and will be grabbed by the Antlions.


  • It is possible to escape an antlion that has come out to attack you if you get out at the same time it attacks.
  • Players getting knocked into the air may be able to avoid the attack from the antlion.


  • An antlion refers to any insect within the family Myrmeleontidae. These insects resemble a dragonfly in its adult form. The larval form would dig a hole, typically 3 inches deep, and primarily prey on small insects, typically ants, hence its name.
  • Its behavior may possibly allude to its Japanese name, ari-jigoku (Japanese: アリ地獄 (lit. Ant hell)), which in Japanese culture, can also refer to a situation where one has fallen into inevitable doom and has no choice but to lament onto his or her impending death.
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